When I joined campus to study industrial microbiology and biotechnology, I had no idea of where that would lead me. I knew I would end up in a lab somewhere but doing what exactly? I asked. Most of my free time as a freshman I kept browsing with the query: “jobs for industrial microbiologists and biotechnologists in Kenya” and this would often list a number of quality assurance jobs. I became intrigued to understand quality assurance and for my internship, I applied at the Kenya Bureau of Standards and was accepted as a Microbiology quality analyst. …

Is your information about cloning accurate?

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If you enjoy science fiction movies there is a high possibility that you have encountered the ‘cloning’ severally. Cloning is a fascinating technology and I remember the first time that I saw it I always imagined myself making a copy of myself. And I thought that since am the original I would order my clone to take my exams and be at places where I am required to be but do not want to go. It is not until the college education that I got to delve deeper into cloning technology. …

Quick facts to tease your curiosity towards the field of microbiology

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In the previous article I highlighted some interesting fun facts about biotechnology and how biotechnology is connected to microbiology. Have a look into that below!

This article highlights interesting facts about Microbiology. While the previous article was significantly simplified for anyone’s understanding (Layman language), this one might appear a bit technical but anyone with a fair knowledge in biology and science can understand almost everything.

Microbiology is the study of microorganisms (Microbes).

1. The human body has more microbes than there are human cells. …

Facts about biotechnology that make it an intriguing and interesting to study

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Greetings to you, all my avid readers. I know it has been a while before you heard from me, but I am back now. Sometimes as a writer or any content creator, you run into situations that demotivate you from putting out content as you used to. I call them creative blocks, and they are typical to everyone, whether a creative or not. It is the same; you wake up some days and feel “Meeeehh!!!” Today am not doing any “shit.” When that happens to you, worry not, take a break, reenergize, strategize and come back with a bang.


Are we even safe from the methods that countries all around the world have adopted as precautions against corona? Wearing masks, wiping surfaces, washing your hands, restriction from the beaches, and staying indoors has become the new normal. What threat do these practices pose on the immune system?

We wear masks in acute environments to protect ourselves. However, the latest development by CDC that people should wear cloth masks, not to protect themselves from infection but for a higher reason to protect one from spreading the disease, was widely adopted by many countries without any questions raised. Anyone who understands…

As the world continues the search for better ways to bend the curve for the novel coronavirus infections, several drugs have been tested, and several vaccines have started clinical trials. The drugs include some flue treatments and old malaria drugs.

The oral antiviral drug known as EIDD-2801 has registered some levels of success in test-tube experiments. Previously, remdesivir had shown some success in stopping the replication of coronavirus; however, the EIDD-2801 appears to be more successful. The drug introduces genetic mutations to the RNA of the SARS-CoV-2. As the RNA continues to replicate, the damaging mutations are repeated until the…


I am a microbiologist professional with interest in healthcare and biotechnology.

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